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New construction homes are on the rise according to the latest home buying trends and it’s not a huge surprise why.

New construction homes are on the rise according to the latest home buying trends and it’s not a huge surprise why. More and more homebuyers are opting to go the route of new construction due to the many benefits that come along with it. Here are just a few.

  • Better Overall Quality: To most buyers that choose new construction, this is usually near the top of the list. New homes are built with modern safety standards and come with builder warranties, unlike old homes. A newly built home can also handle the electrical strain that our modern devices require today.
  • Better Floor Plans: New homes almost always feature floor plans that allow families to design the home around their lifestyle. Older homes sometimes have buyers scratching their heads saying “what were they thinking when they build this?”.
  • Lower Maintenance Cost: Your new build isn’t going to need a new roof or fixing the HVAC system when you move in. Because a new home is built better, they cost less to maintain.

There are many more reasons to choose new construction like the personalization, quality of neighborhoods, and so much more. We’d love to chat with you about finding the right new build in the area you want to live!

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There are countless unique elements to buying & builing a new consturction that make working with a new consturction specialist essential. 

Realtors that don’t deal with new construction regularly are more susceptible to missing important steps along the way. Because we partner directly with the builders and have been working with them for years, we know the whole process in and out. You won’t find a more knowledgable team of local experts when it comes to new construction in the Hudson Valley.

If you are considering a new build, connect with one of our new construction specialists to learn more about the process and how we can help you find the perfect site & home for you and your family.