3 Reasons Why Real Estate Deals Fall Through and How to Avoid Them

You can get a lot of money from selling your home in Central Valley, New York, but it can be a hassle. The process of selling a residential property is never simple—you’ll have to work hard on your own to find the right buyer, get the best offer, and successfully close the deal. You have a long way to go to finally land that sale! 

The Possibility of Things Falling Through

Selling a home is a long and delicate process and many things can go wrong. In fact, just one mistake can cost you everything and bring you back to square one! If you don’t want to waste your money and resources, you should watch out for the most common causes of failed deals.

1. Buyer’s Financing Trouble

Getting loans and selling homes used to be easy, but it has become much more challenging to do so today. Buyer money problems have now become one of the most common causes of failed sales, as your new potential homeowner can get rejected in their mortgage approval process.

Your potential buyer can get rejected for their home loan due to various causes and situations. Some of the most common circumstances that can affect a mortgage approval could be:

  • A lost job;
  • Health issues; and
  • Separation from spouse.

2. Inspection Issues

No home buyer in Central Valley will just blindly sign the deal on your property—of course, they’d want to make sure that they’re making the right decision. As such, they may choose to have a thorough inspection of your house before signing the contract.

Suppose you failed to repair or address the damage and other problems in your home before selling. In that case, your potential buyer will spot them if they decide to perform different types of inspections – and then they may back out of the deal.

3. Inexperienced Real Estate Broker

You won’t be able to sell your property successfully without a bit of help. Having a real estate broker on your team is essential to finding the right buyer and closing the deal. 

However, not every broker out there has the necessary skills and experience to help you sell your home. Unfortunately, you may come across a few incompetent or inexperienced brokers, which can ruin your negotiations and fail to ensure that your deal will push through.

Tips for Making a Successful Sale

Countless things can go wrong during the selling process, but don’t worry! Just follow our tips below so that you can close the deal successfully.

1. Choose a Qualified Buyer

Understandably, you may feel excited once someone shows interest in your listing, but you should set those feelings aside and think things through. Before entertaining the very first prospective buyer, you must ensure whether they’re qualified or not.

If you don’t want to enter into a contract with someone who won’t be qualified for their loan, you should only show your home to pre-qualified buyers. By asking for a pre-qualification letter, you won’t have to be concerned about your potential buyer not making it to the last stage of the selling process.

2. Inspect Before Selling

No potential buyer will be pleased by encountering unpleasant surprises during the inspection. If you don’t want to scare away your buyer from purchasing your property, then you should consider having a home inspection performed before listing it for sale.

Having a pre-listing inspection ensures that you will be able to locate and address every issue with your house so that the potential buyer won’t discover any red flags or deal-breakers during their own inspection.

3. Work With a Skilled Real Estate Professional

Real estate transactions are full of complications, which you won’t handle all on your own. To ensure that the negotiation becomes successful, you should work with a great Hudson Valley realty team to guide you through local laws and regulations.

When you have a fantastic real estate expert on your side, you’re sure to make a sale without any problem!


Anything can happen during the selling process, and you may be overwhelmed by the number of things that can go wrong—but it doesn’t have to happen to you. As long as you follow our guide, you’ll be able to get things right the first time and sell your property without anyone backing out.

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