4 Reasons to Live in Hudson Valley

For a lot of people, New York City seems like a great place to settle down because of its many opportunities. The city can be very lively with all of the people in it. However, it seems like more and more people continue to move out of the Big Apple and eventually settle down in Hudson Valley. There could be a number of reasons why several New Yorkers and Brooklyn residents decide to migrate up north. If you’re considering moving out of NYC, here are four reasons why you should choose to live in Hudson Valley according to local, reputable real estate experts.

Work and Commuting

For those working in NYC, there’s about a 120-mile journey from the city to Hudson Valley. While that may seem like a dreadful 1.5-hour commute from your workplace, it’s still quite doable. With the upsurge of remote work options for many companies, living in Hudson Valley sounds a lot more appealing now. Also, the continued growth of the gig economy may mean there will be less of a need to physically be in the city in order to work.

Cost of Living

Many people will find living in Hudson Valley to be a whole lot different than in NYC. The place has 440 times fewer people than the Big Apple, and the cost of living is more or less 2.9% lower than the national average. Expenses like food and gasoline come a bit cheaper than the neighboring metropolitan area. You’ll find life in the small towns of Hudson Valley to be at a slower and much more manageable pace than the hustle and bustle of Brooklyn or Manhattan.

Real Estate and Housing

In the seat of Orange County, homes serve up four times more square footage than NYC expats may be used to. If you’re looking for more affordable housing while still living within a reasonable distance from the big city, then the Hudson Valley is the place for you. Renting a small apartment beside a railroad in New York City is equivalent to renting an entire house here. A typical four-bedroom home in the area costs around less than $500,000 for 2,000+ square feet. That same amount of money wouldn’t be enough to buy a 500-square foot studio in Brooklyn. If you’re in the market for a new house, some of the top real estate agencies in Hudson Valley offer a number of listings that you’ll find very appealing.

People and Culture

The small towns of Hudson Valley, NY, are far from similar to remote small towns in the countryside. Most people who live here are former New Yorkers who just want to take it a bit slower and get away from the Big Apple’s noise and commotion. Unlike people in more remote regions of the country, people in Hudson Valley actually enjoy living life in a peaceful little town. If you miss the draw of the music and bright lights, New York City is just a train ride away.


A lot of city folk have been settling in various counties of upstate New York for generations. One such location is Hudson Valley, where you can enjoy the suburban life while living with people who are generally city folk like you! 

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