Winter Fun: Indoor Attractions in Orange County, New York

The cold weather of the winter months shouldn’t stop you from having a good time. From sipping on a cup of rich, hot chocolate to learning something new in fascinating museums, there are just so many indoor attractions for you to experience in Orange County.

Let’s explore some of these great indoor places to visit!

2 Alices Coffee Lounge
117 Broadway, Newburgh

There’s nothing quite like a mug of hot chocolate to beat the winter chill. And the best place in Orange County for hot cocoa brews is at 2 Alices Coffee Lounge. Their signature beverage is rich and delectable, made with dark fudge and milk. For something out of the ordinary, try their Zebra hot chocolate made with white and dark chocolate. The bitterness of the dark chocolate and the rich full flavor of the white chocolate combine in this drink for a not-too-sweet but still-delightful treat.

In addition to delicious hot chocolates, the café also has top-notch coffee, espresso, and tea. They also have food options and scrumptious pastries to go with your hot beverage.

Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame
240 Main Street, Goshen

Learn about harness racing and what makes it such an iconic American sport at the Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame. This destination is home to over 1,709 works of fine art and 6,000 pieces of ephemera including tickets, programs, scrapbooks, and more.

Catch a glimpse of what the sport looked like in the good old days with almost 20,000 pictures and hundreds of gear, sulkies, and carts. There are also numerous trophies displayed among the exhibits.

For those looking for a more interactive experience, the museum does not disappoint. Drive a sulky – a two-wheeled, single-seat cart used in harness racing — in their state-of-the-art 3D simulator. You may also opt to call and judge a race yourself. Through the same simulator, you can see how the fascinating history of the sport unfolds in a show.

National Purple Heart Hall of Honor
374 Temple Hill Road, New Windsor

The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor is a shrine dedicated to the brave exploits of Purple Heart recipients amid the horrors of war. Get to know some of the most compelling stories of human sacrifice and the fight for freedom. Watch films, look at photographs, listen to interviews, and walk through exhibits honoring our country’s heroes.

Visitors going through the exhibits here will go through a timeline corridor featuring various themes. The Photographic History Time Line has a series of photos covering the entire span from World War I down to modern-day Afghanistan. The Timeline Interactive Touchscreen enables the visitor to use modern technology in tracking specific eras when the Purple Heart was awarded to valiant heroes of those times. In the main gallery, a powerful sculpture of soldiers brings to light the true nature of the museum.

Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum
94 Broadway, Newburg

The Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum features a range of exhibits showcasing original manuscripts and documents from iconic leaders and
historical periods. Here, you can learn about Egyptology, medical implements from the early 20th century, the history of the telephone, and so much more. Some noteworthy manuscripts here include pages of Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto, Einstein’s notes on the theory of relativity, and even the original proposed draft of the United States Bill of Rights.

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