What to Watch Out For When Buying a New Home

Owning real estate can be incredibly complex, especially with physical real estate due to the myriad of maintenance issues to deal with. With that being said, you must inspect the property before deciding on a massive investment. 

Now, and even during the pandemic, the real estate demand was very high. Because of this, you have to make sure that the home seller isn’t ‘playing games with you’ by conducting a home inspection to uncover any fatal flaws. 

Another great way to ensure that you’re taking the right steps toward inspecting your home is by working with local reputable real estate experts. This way, you can get reliable home options and real estate choices that fit your lifestyle and are in great condition. 

Unfortunately, many people who are looking to invest in real estate often miss out on noticing problem areas in a property and will, later on, realize it when it’s too late. For that reason, we’ve compiled some warning signs you need to look out for before buying a new home. Let’s take a look:

Cracks and Tilts 

Some homebuyers only pay close attention to the interiors of a home. Unfortunately, even if the interiors smell fresh with floor varnish and paint, some exterior damages could later cost a fortune when you don’t pay attention. 

Some homes have exterior decay, rotten siding, and even cracks on the walls and doors. These aren’t just obvious signs of wear and tear, but it could also mean that the home’s foundation may be suffering from some issues and needing expensive repairs.

Water Damage Concealed by Paint

Some home sellers are clever enough to hide water damage by concealing the walls with paint. However, if you fall for this tactic, chances are, you may be dealing with black mold down the line, which could negatively affect your health. 

For this reason, make sure you inspect all areas of the property thoroughly. You can even ask your local, reputable real estate expert to connect you to an inspector who can investigate for you. This way, you’ll get to spot water damage before it’s too late.


Uneven Floors

One of the best ways to know if the property has a nice, even floor is by bringing a marble with you to an open house. Placing a marble around different areas of a property will help you know if it has level floors. This is particularly important if you’re inspecting an old house because some older homes may have humps in their floors. This is due to wood damage after sustaining heavy foot traffic for years.

Although it’s quite natural to have uneven floors, it’s a good idea to know the home’s history. You should know what renovations were done and if the house has gone through necessary repairs and replacements. 

Report of Residential Building Record

When you’re inspecting a house, your real estate agent should let you see the Report of Residential Building Record or the 3R Report, which is the report card of your property. 

This card will verify all the renovations, repairs, and changes to ensure that the house is safe for occupancy. Additionally, you want to hand this over to your inspector as well, so they can investigate and see if the reports are verified, and all changes were accounted for. 

The Bottom Line: Be Vigilant When You’re Inspecting Your Potential Future Home

It pays to know the different warning signs you should look out for when purchasing a home. This way, you’ll get to spot damage and speak to the seller regarding your concerns, preventing any issues and unnecessary financial obligations in the future. 

Ideally, it’s best to work with a local reputable real estate agent to ensure that you’re looking at properties that fit your standards. 

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