Buying and Selling: Why Fall is the Best Time for Both

Most buying and selling guides will advise you that spring and summer are the best seasons to buy and sell your property. However, fall still brings unique advantages when buying and selling Orange County, NY real estate at this time. Here’s what you can look forward to when making a real estate transaction during the fall season:

When buying a home…

Buyers can expect less competition

Spring and summer are peak seasons when it comes to buying a home. This means there’s stiff competition among buyers. The fall season, on the other hand, brings fewer buyers to the market because of the cold weather and the upcoming holiday period.

With less competition, fall buyers can take their time shopping around for the perfect home. If you’re a buyer, you are in the best position to negotiate with sellers. You also have fewer chances of losing out on a home due to a bidding war.

The cold weather reveals most of the home’s flaws

The cold weather in fall and winter can really test a home’s durability. This shouldn’t be seen as a negative aspect just because a home’s imperfections are more pronounced during this time. In fact, it is better to know a home’s flaws from the start rather than months after you’ve bought it.

Home inspections are also better done in inclement weather because the rain and snow can expose issues like a leaky roof, broken pipes, faulty heating and cooling systems, flooding, and the like.

Mortgage lenders are more accommodating this time of year

Lesser buyers in the market during the autumn months also means fewer applicants for a home loan. Because of this, mortgage lenders tend to be more receptive to mortgage applicants’ requests during this time of year and are more willing to work around them. This also spells a quicker processing time for your mortgage application.

When selling a home…

Sellers will encounter more serious buyers

Spring and summer seasons are when people have more free time to look around. This time of year may bring in a bigger crowd, but not every one of
those visiting open houses would be serious buyers. Some are just window shopping or trying to get a feel of the neighborhood.

On the other hand, people are more pressed for time in the fall season because they may have just come back from a vacation or are preparing for the holidays. Moreover, people brave enough to trudge through the cold just to come to your open house are most likely serious about buying.

There are fewer homes in the market to compete with

Traditionally, the summer months see a longer listing of homes compared to fall. There won’t be that many similar homes to yours being sold in the area. With fewer homes on the market, your property can stand out and get noticed more.

Staging and boosting curb appeal is easier

The beautiful fall foliage and holiday staging opportunities can help a lot in increasing your home’s curb appeal and indoor aesthetics. Make your property look and feel as accommodating as possible by adding festive holiday decorations. Don’t go overboard with it, though – just have enough trinkets and baubles to keep up with the spirit of the season.

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